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In March, Georg Riedel from the world renowned premium glass manufacturer, Riedel Wine Glass Company, visited Rutherglen on the quest to find the perfect glass for one of Australia’s iconic wine styles- muscat. Having tasted some of what this region has to offer in 14 different glasses, the search was narrowed to three. There are six different Rutherglen wineries participating in the search.  By visiting the cellar doors of All Saints, Campbells, Morris, Pfeiffer, Rutherglen Estates and Stanton and Killeen, you can taste our muscats from the three glasses and choose for yourself which offers the best tasting experience in regards to aromatics, flavour and perception. Continue reading...

A unique glass for a unique wine

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Riedel Wine Glass Company is an incredible 300 year-old family business from Austria who are credited with revolutionizing glassware. Mr Georg Riedel himself-10th generation family member-was in Rutherglen on Wednesday 19th March to taste the region’s top Muscats in order to discuss and deliberate on the best style of glass to enjoy these wines. The vision is to design Rutherglen’s very own unique Riedel glass.  Continue reading...