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    Liquid Luxury Packages

    Our Liquid Luxury Packages offer the opportunity to develop your own unique blend that reflects your preferred style in a handcrafted Australian-made barrel, with ongoing support from Stanton & Killeen.

    By purchasing one of our all-inclusive packages, you will receive:

    • Your choice of a handcrafted, pre-seasoned oak barrel made in Australia (sizes include 5, 10, 15 and 20 litres)
    • Your choice of Stanton & Killeen’s Tawny, Barrel Blend, White Fortified, Topaque or Muscat in standard or premium fill, including containers.
    • Unlimited access to the Barrel Concierge Program which includes pre-seasoning, winemaking analysis and ongoing assistance
    • Membership to the “Barrel Club” ensuring you’re the first to hear about any special bulk fortified releases or Barrel Club events
    • Membership to “Friends of S&K” giving you exclusive access to offers, events and our newsletter, the Quinta Quarterly
    • 10% off your first fortified refill, valid for 12 months from purchase

    One of the key features of our all-inclusive packages is that we offer ongoing support and advice, with a free yearly blend assessment by our winemaker. Some of our members have had their barrels for over 20 years and continue to use this service. The prices below include everything, just choose your preferred barrel size and your choice of fortified wine. Not sure which fortified wine is best? Browse our bulk fortifieds here.

    Visit our ‘Bulk & Barrels’ page to learn more about how we source and prepare barrels, do blend testing as well as fortified tips and advice.

    We carefully pre-season our barrels for several months at the winery and because of this, there are time when not all sizes are available. Please contact us to discuss the current availability of barrels.

    Already own a barrel but it has been sitting empty for longer than several months? Call us on (02) 6032 9457 and we can assist you in bringing it back to life to prevent leaking or cracking next time you refill it.