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    Rutherglen White Fortified

    A blend of Muscadelle and Chardonnay, this wine is highly versatile as it can be enjoyed chilled over ice, used as a cocktail base or enjoyed on its own for the delicious and delicate flavours of honeysuckle, bottlebrush and walnuts.

    Style Sunny and silky with luscious, lingering flavours
    Alcohol 17%
    Cellaring This wine has already been matured in barrels and no further ageing in the bottle is required
    Food Match Baked ricotta cheesecake with saffron apricots, honey and macadamia pie or as an aperitif
    Size 500ml

    Deep straw yellow with aromatic notes of lavender, marmalade, apricots and blossoms. The palate is floral and silky with notes of bottlebrush, honeysuckle, citrus and walnuts.

    Ripe Muscadelle grapes and ripe (but less sweet) Chardonnay grapes are briefly fermented separately before being fortified and aged in oak casks. Wines are then carefully blended to create this interesting mix.

    Price $25.00 $25.00   500ml Bottle