Dear Juliette

Sage life advice from the wisest of the wise Ms Juliette Killeen.

Dear Juliette - Farewell goodest girl

We are heartbroken to announce that Juliette Killeen passed away on Tuesday, November 8th 2022. Her last days were spent in the garden at home, surrounded by her family. 

 Vale, our dearest Juliette - celebrity working-dog extraordinaire, Stanton and Killeen Brand Ambassador, advice columnist, and, self-nominated and awarded 'region's most charismatic collie' eleven years running. 

 Juliette will always be remembered as our iconic wine dog, our friend, our cherished family member, soulmate to Wendy and just the goodest girl.

We thought it fitting to post her final 'Dear Juliette' advice column for you all. We hope that you hold your fur babies extra close tonight.

Dear Juliette - Consider this your Winery Walkabout initiation.

Dear Juliette, I'm excited to be attending this year's Winery Walkabout festival. While I have heard epic stories (who hasn't), I have never participated in the event before. As a first-time Winery Walkabout punter, how would you suggest I get the most out of the weekend? Thanks. - Nick

Woof Woof! Your first ever Winery Walkabout festival is certainly a celebration to howl home about. You may not know, but Winery Walkabout is Victoria's first and longest-running wine festival.

We've been 'bow-wowing' wine-lovers since 1974, and this year will be no exception; in fact, I'll bet all my kibble that after a two-year hiatus, 2022 will be the best festival yet! And of the 48 years this event has run, I have attended 10! I don't have enough toe beans to count that out in dog years but let's just say I'm a self-proclaimed Walkabout veteran, a legend even. So listen up, Novice Nick, consider this your Winery Walkabout initiation. 

Dear Juliette - Visiting Rutherglen

Dear Juliette, I'm thinking of treating the humans to a weekend getaway in Rutherglen. What do you recommend we see and do? - Josie the Jack Russell.

Hi Josie. As a born and bred Rutherglenite, I can safely say that Rutherglen is that perfect getaway destination for us dogs. There is much to see and do. Fortunately, most places and activities in Rutherglen are also human friendly, which helps keep those cheeky two-legged companions out of your hair so that you can relax and enjoy all of Rutherglen's offerings. Yes, Josie, you're sure to be in for a treat! Speaking of treats, I love them… a lot! Big ones, chewy ones, cheese flavoured ones mmmm… Oh sorry, where was I?

Dear Juliette - The Big Reopening

“I feel like I’ve been in lockdown for so much of the year that I’ve forgotten what to do once I emerge back into society. Can you please help me?” - Nervous Nelly

Reopening our beautiful country is vital for our mental health, economic recovery, the reopening of dog parks and access to those sneaky under the table treats and ear scratches at family get-togethers. While I'll admit, these constant lockdowns have been as frustrating as chasing my sneaky rascal of a tail (how does it continue to evade me!?) we cannot deny that they have achieved their purpose of keeping our dear humans safe.

Dear Juliette - Winter Blues

Dear Juliette,

Winter has just begun, and I'm already feeling the 'Winter Blues'. No matter what I do, I just can't seem to shake them; what do you recommend? - Betty

Hi Blue Betty,

I can relate to your 'Winter Blues', and I'd be happy to help. After all, I have always been very good at shaking things.

As the days get colder, I find myself spending more and more time just sulking (which so isn't me) out the front of S&K's cellar door. I can sometimes lie for hours out in the cold, just waiting for customers to visit and give me pats, platter scraps and belly scratches.

I've compiled a couple of tips and tricks; I hope they can help raise your spirits and get you through our least favourite season. 

Dear Juliette - Looking For Love

"Dear Juliette, Why can't I find love?" - Ethan T

Hi Lonely Ethan, I believe that capturing someone's heart and attention comes down to persistence, dedication and, of course, the correct technique. Never fear Ethan, for I am an expert at capturing the hearts and attention of many admirers, and I'm willing to share with you my secret for success.