The Great Vintage Port Tasting - 1971 - 1999

Vintage Port is one of the World's great wine styles and is the wine I most prefer to drink and enjoy! 

It is made from a single vintage year and bottled after only one to two years barrel ageing. Generally the best of them mature for up to twenty or thirty years and when perfectly mature are an exquisite drinking experience. 

The following notes give a short appraisal of the wine, a recommended drinking date and a score out of ten. Please don't think a score of 7 out of 10 is a poor wine, this is certainly not the case, it is the only way we can compare our own wines against one another and put the superlative 10 out.of 10 wines into perspective. (Perhaps these wines should be 11 out of 10 and lift the score of the others by one ???)

1999 - 1971.


Chris Killeen