Home Barrels & Blending

As one of the few wineries to offer customers an opportunity to purchase a barrel and develop their own blend, we pride ourselves on our range and service.The best thing about owning your own barrel is that we can supply you with great base material, and over time, the blend becomes something entirely unique depending on how you mature your blend. 


Whether you are looking for a barrel of your own or as a gift, we can assist you with make the right purchase for your needs.

Please give us a call on (02) 60 329457 to discuss our home barrel options currently available for purchase. 

You can read about our handcrafted home barrels here:

  • Barrel Care Guide - for all the tips and tricks for maintenance, blending and getting the best out of your barrel.
  • Purchase Bulk Fortifieds - Our standard fortified is approximately 2-3 years old, fresh and versatile, this is a great start for a new barrel or to give fresh fruit flavours. Premium fortified is approximately 4-5 years old, perfect for those that want a drink now style or a head start on maturing your blend.
  • Need Advice? Check the health and balance of your blend. Send a sample of your wine in the mail along with this form, and we’ll make a recommendation on what to add. Or, call us to chat with someone in our Barrel Club team.
  • Sulphur Testing submission form



The idea of owning a home barrel and handcrafting a unique blend of Muscat, Topaque or Tawny excites most fortified lovers. 

From special occasion sippers to die-hard fans, what starts as a hobby soon becomes a passion, as home barrel enthusiasts taste, test and blend their way through years and even decades on a quest to create the perfect home fortified blend. At Stanton & Killeen we stock a large range of home barrels to suit our customers. If you are interested in a home barrel please have a look on our Liquid Luxury by Stanton & Killeen website.

Highest Quality

Blending Fortifieds

Our blending fortified products are of the highest quality. Each fortified offers something unique and will produce different characteristics when added to your barrel. Stanton & Killeen currently offers 8 blending fortified styles of Muscat, Topaque, Tawny & White Fortified.

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Love fortified wine? Love fortified wine?

Love fortified wine?

With a home barrel, you can enjoy the taste of Rutherglen long after your visit.