How exciting! Stanton & Killeen have ranked in the top 52 wineries in Australia. At #51 we sit within the peak 2% of Australia's wineries in The Real Review.

We recently received several scores in the high 90s for our Vintage Fortified, Muscat and Topaque. Our cellar door is open every day if you'd like to come and taste what all the fuss is about.

3rd Aug 2022

Love fortified wine? Do you wish you had some on tap back at home? S&K can help. We offer a wide range of home barrels and blending fortified supplies to help you create your perfect fortified blend at home. With a home barrel, you can enjoy the taste of Rutherglen long after your visit. Whether you're a special occasion sipper or a die-hard slurper, owning a home barrel begins an exciting journey full of experimenting, sipping, swishing, spitting, testing and waiting. It's all part of handcrafting and perfecting a unique fortified blend that you can sip, enjoy and brag about with great satisfaction.

27th Jun 2022

Who is the Prince? Many years ago, at an industry dinner where the wine flowed freely, my father Chris Killeen theatrically recited a poem about the local vignerons. Guests were treated to witty descriptions such as the Baron of Burgundy, the Duke of Durif and the Prince of Port. The evening was spoken about for many years to come and as Chris’ passion and talent for making Vintage Fortified grew, so did his reputation as “the Prince of Port”.

24th Jun 2022

If you make a living from the land, your livelihood depends on the weather. Each Christmas, you raise your glass to your neighbour and both wish the other good fortune, hoping that things don’t turn to custard. This is what agriculture and viticulture is all about. Learning to accept the tough years because they make the good years so much sweeter.

24th Jun 2022

"The wonderful origins of S&K's history make this winemaking family so important to the pioneering story of Rutherglen and the development of winemaking in Australia"

15th Jun 2022

The wonderful world of home barrels and blending fortifieds. If you're unsure what you should be filling or topping up your barrel with then read on. We've put together some information on each of our blending fortifieds.

17th Jan 2022

What’s the fascination with Portuguese varieties? 

Do we have Portuguese heritage? I am often asked this in cellar door and I always enjoy sharing our story. My dad, Chris Killeen, loved Portuguese Port, and he took great pleasure in collecting and sharing really good examples of this wine style. I am told that he was very generous with his passion for Vintage Port and people always knew they were in for a treat if they were at the same food and wine dinner with Dad.

Stanton & Killeen have always made a Vintage Fortified (only Vintage Port made in Portugal is able to use this title) however it was in the traditional Australian style of producing a sweet, fruit-forward, high spirit fortified wine made from Durif and/or Shiraz. Dad loved the drier, more savoury style of Port that came from varieties such as Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão and Touriga Nacional. He thought that by combining our beloved Shiraz and Durif with these varieties, he could achieve his own unique take on the style.

14th Jan 2022

I remember several years ago feeling powerless and uneasy each time climate change or issues of sustainability were mentioned on the news, at industry forums or around the dinner table. For some time, I put my head in the sand thinking it was all too hard and how could we ever make a difference to such a big challenge?

Slowly over several years, I was introduced to some great leaders in sustainability who made things seem less overwhelming and much more achievable. Making a few improvements to how we did things started a snowball effect of growing confidence and commitment to leaving our patch of Rutherglen better than how we found it. We now have a Sustainability Plan and are philosophically connected to making genuine change.

Stanton & Killeen still have a long way to go but some of the results are now tangible and encouraging. We are members of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia* and are in the process of the vineyard and winery becoming certified. I thought I would share with you some of the areas we are focusing on.

14th Jan 2022

Food and Wine pairing can be a little tricky to get your head around. Luckily, we've put together a list of our favourite food pairings to your favourite S&K summer wines.

12th Jan 2022

Sunshine, long warm balmy nights, good friends and a bottle of refreshingly crisp wine. If you ask any of us at S&K, these are the essentials to a perfect summer. 

But how do you know which wine to pair with your delicious summer feasts? Together, let's explore the art of pairing food with those crisp summer wines we love so much. 

12th Jan 2022

Up here in Rutherglen and surrounds you will find lots of wide open spaces, beautiful countryside, friendly locals and a slower pace of life. We’re blessed to be a bit of a foodie destination too with some cosy cellar doors and a wide range of tasty tucker to delight your tastebuds. Whether you’re visiting for a day or a few nights, read on for some tips and insider knowledge!

11th Jan 2022

Stanton & Killeen's 2021 Vintage is a celebration of depth, colour and flavour. A labour of love in both the vineyard and winery created some gorgeous wine that allows each variety's personality to take centre stage. This year there was a real focus on the relationship between vineyard and winery. The 2021 vintage was a labour of love from both teams, expertly headed up by Viticultrist Ben Fleer and Winemaker Faustine Ropars.

5th Jan 2022

Stanton & Killeen has been in the wine industry since 1875. Much has changed since the Stanton's harvested their first vintage in the 1870s. Large corporations have taken over the lion's share of the wine market. Little wineries like us are living and working in the hugely competitive world of wine. For the most part, the wine-making business is rewarding, but we have certainly had our share of ups and downs.

Stanton and Killeen's success has always been attributed to three key factors; our pursuit of excellence, the support of our loyal customers and the incredible relationship with the Rutherglen wine community, who have gathered around and enabled us to be where we are today. Still in business and thriving.

5th Jan 2022

There is a wonderful diversity of fortifieds from around the world and Stanton & Killeen is very proud to be from Australia’s best known and most awarded fortified producing region, Rutherglen in North East Victoria. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about these wine styles or felt too embarrassed to ask, read on. We also have a page that explains ‘What are Fortified Wines?’ which will give you a quick overview.

5th Jan 2022

The diversity in Stanton & Killeen's vineyards is something we are very proud of. Stanton & Killeen grow 14 different varieties, with only three considered to be common and widely available (Chardonnay, Shiraz and Muscat) according to the Australian Alternative Wines Show entry conditions. We love having a great range of varieties as it not only provides choice to our customers, it also means we can adapt to our changing climate. We offer over 34 different products including four sparkling wines, four whites, one rosé, eight reds, a yearly vintage fortified (plus many back vintages), eleven barrel-aged fortifieds and six bulk fortified wines for our barrel customers. So which varieties do we grow, giving this extensive offering to our customers?

5th Jan 2022
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