Dear Juliette - Farewell goodest girl

We are heartbroken to share the news of the passing of our beautiful wine dog and best friend, Juliette. We thought it fitting to post her final 'Dear Juliette' advice column for you all. We hope that you hold your fur babies extra close tonight.


The year is winding down and so am I.

Lately, I have been spending more and more time sitting on my verandah. Yes, I know this is hard for you to imagine, me, a true born and bred farm dog who, as a puppy, had the energy to run and play from dawn until dusk, now enjoys a quiet afternoon of tea, sandwiches and rose-pruning with my Mum. 

Of course, the occasional game of 'throw the ball' never goes amiss - I am still a Collie, after all; however, vineyard hooning, critter chasing and incredible feats of athleticism have now been replaced with all things slow, quiet and peaceful. 

Resting does not come easy for those of us who love life as much as I. My nose, ears and eyes still smell, hear and see the potential that life has to offer, and my tail still alerts me to the excitement in the world. I still feel my mind functioning with the brilliant intelligence that my Border Collie genes have superiorly developed over the generations.

Eleven human years.

Seventy-two doggy years.

I reflect on vines here in the Stanton & Killeen vineyard that have just passed their centennial anniversary. I can't help but envy their unique fortune of only improving with age. If only that applied to us all.

While my eleven years of life may seem short in comparison, I do not let this stop me from acknowledging and celebrating its rich fullness - treats, walkies, love, laughter, paw shakes and belly rubs – some of the best from you, visitors to Cellar Door and of course my colleagues at Stanton & Killeen– I remember them all.

Yes, my friends, as I sit on my verandah, watching the Willy Wagtails preparing a home for their soon-to-be hatched chicks, I can't help but reflect on life and appreciate all its beauty.

  I ask that you prick up your ears and indulge this old dog in what may be her final trick. Do with this advice what you will - it is not pawfect, but it is a collection of learnings accumulated from a decade of joyful existence on my piece of paradise at Stanton and Killeen.


Here goes,

• Be kind.

• Be thoughtful.

• Pick the pack you deserve.

The saying is, "You can't choose your family..." Nonsense. I specifically chose my humans from a litter of 7.8 billion.

I had strict criteria—kind, honest, and hardworking.

• Be gentle, compassionate and generous with time and treats. Be forgiving of mud paws through the house.

• Don't bite the vet / be grateful to the hand that is helping you

• Don't get jealous. (Yes, your human is patting another dog, but no, they don't love that dog more than you. I promise!)

• Soulmates exist, and mine is called Wendy.

• Stretch big every morning.

• Shake it off. 

• Be the Best in your own Show.

• Enjoy being a young pup with spectacularly lubricated joints and a coat of luscious locks! 

• Give sloppy kisses away generously.

• Be patient and forgiving of cats. They can't help the way they are.

• Is it edible? Yes? Eat it!

And finally, never stray too far from home. If you do, ensure your name tag is up to date because there is always someone waiting anxiously at home for you to return.

 As this year comes to a close, I want you to know how much I have loved being a part of your lives. Thank you for allowing me this incredible life. I know now how blessed I have been to live it. 


Juliette Killeen passed away on Tuesday, November 8th 2022. Her last days were spent in the garden at home, surrounded by her family. 

 Vale, our dearest Juliette - celebrity working-dog extraordinaire, Stanton and Killeen Brand Ambassador, advice columnist, and, self-nominated and awarded 'region's most charismatic collie' eleven years running. 

 Juliette will always be remembered as our iconic wine dog, our friend, our cherished family member, soulmate to Wendy and just the goodest girl.