Sustainably Certified Since 2022

Your favourite wines are now sustainably certified!

In December 2022, we successfully passed a rigorous audit for both the vineyard and winery, becoming officially certified through Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

Embracing sustainable principles such as improving biodiversity, reducing our carbon footprint, renewable energy generation, water saving practices and choosing organic chemicals over synthetic ensures that the land is nurtured and passed on in a better condition, and our wine quality is the best it’s ever been.

Growing and making wine sustainably is a holistic approach to production that involves the environmental, social, and business aspect of the craft. It looks at how we can better use our resources to create efficiency, support our communities, and operate a resilient and thriving business. It’s not just about the land, the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program includes everything from reducing waste streams, giving back to our region, business systems and better planning for the future.

Our ambitious Sustainability Action Plan will guide us through the next few years and keep us on track before our next audit in 2025, the same year of our 150th anniversary of family winemaking. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.