Quinta Quarterly Magazine

Edition 9

Quinta Quarterly Magazine | Spring 23

The Winemaking Edition

From Soil to Cellar -Find out about all the work that goes into keeping our vines healthy and getting the grapes from the vineyard to the cellar. 

Winemaking 101 -iscover how we make our table and fortified wines at Stanton & Killeen. 

Meet the team- Meet the team behind Vintage ’23. 

Blend & Test -Delve into the essential elements of maintaining your home barrel like a true legend. 

Edition 8

Quinta Quarterly Magazine | Autumn 23

The Experience Edition

Tastes of Rutherglen -Read what's on offer at Stanton & Killeen for the 2023 Tastes of Rutherglen event.

A Perfect Drop -Let S&K help you get the most out of your delicious bottle of Vintage Fortified (Port).

North-East Road Trippin'- Our staff share their favourite things to see and do around the beautiful Northeast region.

Master Blenders -Learn the art of blending our world-famous Rutherglen Muscat.

Edition 7

Quinta Quarterly Magazine | Summer 22

A Year in Review

Sustainability Update -Some exciting announcements regarding S&K's sustainability journey.

The Export Journey -A look at S&K's export journey from the beginning through to today.

Liquid Luxury Amateur Wine Show- We're excited to announce the winners and standout entries of the inaugural Liquid Luxury Amateur Fortified Wine Show!

The Great Vintage Fortified Tasting -The much-anticipated Great Vintage Fortified Tasting Vol. 3.

Edition 6

Quinta Quarterly Magazine | Winter 22

The Fortified Edition

A Good Vintage -What is a vintage fortified and what is the S&K secret to creating a perfect vintage?

Muscat of Rutherglen -Unique. Intense. Rich. Sensuous. What makes Rutherglen Muscat some of the best in the world?

Love Your Local- Where are the best places to eat when visiting our beautiful town? The options will certainly delight!  

Fortified Wine on Tap -Love fortified wine? Do you wish you had some on tap back at home? S&K can help. We offer a wide range of home barrels and blending fortified supplies to help you create your perfect fortified blend at home

Edition 5

Quinta Quarterly Magazine | Autumn 22

The Wine Stories Edition

Wine Royalty -The story of the man who helped revolutionise vintage fortified in Australia, and the unique table wine named in his honour.

Seven Generations -Discover the origins of Stanton & Killeen's 147-year-old multi-generational legacy.

Master Cooper- Coopering is fast becoming a lost trade. Find out what it takes to become a master.  

Sip, Sip, Hooray -We've put together six of our favourite fortified cocktails for you to enjoy next time you want to crack open a bottle of your favourite fortified wine.

Edition 4

Quinta Quarterly Magazine | Summer 21/22

The Discovery Edition

Meet the Iberians -S&K has always had a fascination with alternative Portuguese varieties. Let's find out why.

Hello, Rutherglen -Zalan shares some tips and insider knowledge on how to get the best out of your next Rutherglen visit.

Sustainability Journey- An update on S&K's sustainability journey. Natasha Killeen shares some of the areas we're currently focusing on.

Edition 3

Quinta Quarterly Magazine | Spring 2021

Quinta Quarterly Magazine | Spring 2021

The Spring Edition

Barrel Up - What starts as a hobby soon becomes a passion, as home barrel enthusiasts taste, test and create the perfect home fortified blend.

New Release: 2021 Arinto - The verdict is in. Our favourite Quinta club reviewer lets us know his thoughts on our new release 2021 Arinto.

S&K varieties - S&K grow 14 different wine varieties. Learn all about the grapes we're growing and the wine we're creating with these varieties.

Edition 2

Quinta Quarterly Magazine | Winter 2021

The Vintage 2021 Edition

Vintage 2021 - Stanton & Killeen's 2021 Vintage is a celebration of depth, colour and flavour.

Jack's Block turns 100 - Planted in 1921, Stanton & Killeen's famous 'Jack's Block' vineyard celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Fortifieds Demystified - Three tips that will come in handy next time you're in your favourite bottle shop, restaurant or cellar door.