S&K Winery Experiences

Stanton & Killeen Experiences

Why not go beyond the cellar door tasting experience and immerse yourself in the history, craft and atmosphere of our historic working winery. S&K experiences allow you to relax, learn and discover the Stanton & Killeen story, our wines and vines.

S&K Tasting Experience

30 - 40 min | $10 pp - refundable on a wine purchase.

*bookings are only required for groups of 8 or more. Please call the winery to book on (02) 60 329 457

Our signature tasting experience allows you to relax, learn and discover our full range of S&K table wines and fortifieds. Learn first-hand about the Stanton & Killeen story, our wines and vines.

Private Tour & Tasting in Solera Room

1 - 1.5 Hours | 2 - 12 guests | $75 pp

Enjoy our 'icon' wine tasting experience which includes all current S&K table wines, back vintages and our full Muscat and Topaque classification flights (Rutherglen, Classic, Grand & Rare). This tasting includes a gourmet platter made from delicious local produce. All enjoyed in our stunning Muscat solera experience room.

S&K Speakeasy

up to 3 Hours | 4 - 11 guests $85pp | 12+ guests | $75 pp

Step back in time and experience the charm of the S&K Speakeasy. Nestled among century-old cellar and muscat barrels, this exclusive three-hour package offers a unique blend of vintage elegance and modern indulgence. Enjoy a gourmet platter and premium drinks package in an intimate, stylish setting. Perfect for special celebrations or a luxurious escape, the S&K Speakeasy promises an unforgettable experience. Book now to uncover this hidden gem of Stanton & Killeen.

S&K's Iberian Wine Experience

1 -1.5 hour | 4 - 10 guests | $55 pp

Join us to explore rare and unusual Portuguese cultivars through a guided tasting experience with an S&K wine expert. Sample a curated selection of current and back vintage table wines and our rare alternate Portuguese fortified wines while learning the rich history behind S&K's love and appreciation for Iberian varietals and why we believe they are perfectly suited to the Rutherglen climate.

The Mystery of Muscat - Guided Tour & Tasting

1 hour | 2 - 10 guests | $55 pp

Explore the mystery of Muscat in this 149-year-old winery. Look at how a blending solera works and view the old aging barrels that make Rutherglen Muscat famous. Taste the Rutherglen Muscat classification from Rutherglen Muscat through to Rare Muscat.

Muscat Blending 'Create your own Blend'

2 hours | 4 - 8 guests | $140 pp

Experience the history of this famous Rutherglen winery. Explore the old barrel room where fortifieds are still being aged and blended today. Taste the difference in the classification of Muscats, then blend a bottle Muscat that is your very own to take home.

Crafted to Perfection: Fortified Wine Experience with a Take-Home Barrel

4 hours | 1 - 10 guests | $1975 pp

Indulge in the ultimate experience for fortified wine enthusiasts at Stanton & Killeen. Join us for an immersive half-day workshop, where you'll dive deep into the world of fortified winemaking. Discover the intricacies of fortified winemaking and gain valuable insight into a craft steeped in rich tradition and heritage. 

Under our expert guidance, you'll have the opportunity to craft your very own fortified wine. Learn the art of blending and the secrets of achieving the perfect balance of flavours. 

To commemorate this unique experience, we present you with a special gift—a 10L handcrafted home barrel.With this barrel, you can continue aging your fortified wine and enjoy the fruits of your labour anytime, in the comfort of your home.