Topaque of Rutherglen

Topaque of Rutherglen

Topaque is the new Australian term for Tokay and is pronounced ‘TOE-PAKE’, rhyming with cake. This change was due to the same EU naming laws as only Tokaj in Hungary has the right to use the word Tokay.

Stanton & Killeen Topaque is made from golden-coloured Muscadelle grapes, one of the very last varieties to be picked during the Rutherglen vintage and produces extremely rich and honey-like flavours.

Topaque can be one of the hardest fortified styles to grow and blend, this is also the reason why it is an exciting style to make and drink. While sometimes it is over shadowed by Muscat it can be as equally as rich, complex, and luscious, but yet also be elegant at the same time.

Stanton & Killeen Topaque is aged in small and large oak casks and gets it's unique flavour profile and lusciousness from the time spent in barrel and the process of oxidation. The longer our Topaque spends in the barrel, the more it develops.

We bottle according to the Rutherglen classification system with Rutherglen, Classic, Grand and Rare indicating a graduating system of richness, complexity and age. Stanton & Killeen are one of few wineries in Rutherglen that bottles and stocks the full classification from Rutherglen through to Rare.

What is the Topaque of Rutherglen Classification System?

All Rutherglen Topaque is classified using a tiered system that indicates the level of complexity of the wine. The four descriptions mark a progression in richness, complexity, age and intensity of flavour. Age is only one factor in determining a wine’s classification, but it does provide an important clue. Each producer of Topaque of Rutherglen has their own “House Style” within the classification system. Stanton & Killeen is known for it's rounded flavours and aromas of cumquats, butterscotch, malt and burnt toffee.

Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen Topaque

Average age: 3-5 years.

The foundation style displaying vibrant dried fruit aromas, zesty lemon peel and butter menthol on the palate, flavours that are both rich and refreshing.

Aromas: Dried fruit, lavender and cumquat.

Flavours: Lemon peel, honey toast, butter menthol.

Stanton & Killeen Classic Topaque

Average age: 12 years.

Greater levels of richness and complexity; exhibiting the beginnings of mature wood aged characters produced from extended maturation in oak.

Aromas: Malt, caramel, butterscotch and almonds

Flavours: Caramelised butter, malt, dried apricot with a long finish of marmalade and orange oil.

Stanton & Killeen Grand Topaque

Average age: 15-20 years.

Takes the flavour of Rutherglen Topaque to a higher level of development; displaying a new level of intensity, depth, and concentration of flavour, mature wood aged characters, and a complexity that imparts layers of texture and flavour.

Aromas: Intense malt, vanilla, dried flowers, browned butter and toasted almonds.

Flavours: Caramelised butter, malt, toffee, dried fruit and mandarin oil.

Stanton & Killeen Rare Topaque

Average age: In excess of 25 years

The pinnacle of the style, the richest and most complete wine – displaying deep colour, intense fruit and mature oak characters, rich viscous texture, and extraordinary depth of mellowed complex flavours.

Aromas: Intense malt extract, coffee bean, fruit cake and run chocolate.

Flavours: Layers of espresso, dried fruit, dark chocolate orange and rich fruit cake.

Stanton & Killeen NV Fortifieds

Stanton & Killeen Muscat

Muscat of Rutherglen is an Australian treasure, impossible to replicate as it contains the essence and artistry of multiple generations. It is lovingly handcrafted from aged stocks, nurtured by generations of Rutherglen winemakers in their unique climate. The resulting wines are intense, rich and sensuous. 

Stanton & Killeen are one of few Rutherglen wineries that offer the full classification of Muscat from Rutherglen through to Rare.

Stanton & Killeen White Fortified

Stanton & Killeen's White Fortified (previously known as White Port) is a blend of Muscadelle and Chardonnay, Arinto & Viognier.

This wine is highly versatile and can be enjoyed chilled over ice, used as a cocktail base, or on its own for the delicate flavours of honeysuckle, bottlebrush and walnuts.

Stanton & Killeen Ruby & Tawny

Stanton & Killeen's Ruby and Tawny fortified wines are drier in style than the White Fortified, Topaque and Muscat and are often favoured by people who like something with a little more savouriness and balanced spice.

Fortifieds Demystified

There is a wonderful diversity of fortifieds from around the world and Stanton & Killeen is very proud to be from Australia’s best known and most awarded fortified producing region, Rutherglen in North East Victoria. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about these wine styles or felt too embarrassed to ask, read on. We also have a page that explains ‘What are Fortified Wines?’ which will give you a quick overview.