Dear Juliette - The Big Reopening

“I feel like I’ve been in lockdown for so much of the year that I’ve forgotten what to do once I emerge back into society. Can you please help me?” - Nervous Nelly

Reopening our beautiful country is vital for our mental health, economic recovery, the reopening of dog parks and access to those sneaky under the table treats and ear scratches at family get-togethers. While I'll admit, these constant lockdowns have been as frustrating as chasing my sneaky rascal of a tail (how does it continue to evade me!?) we cannot deny that they have achieved their purpose of keeping our dear humans safe.

Even though our canine community yearn for those days home alone, stretching out on the couch in complete peace, I am aware that unleashing our humans back into the world does not come without risk.

And so, after contemplating all of the valuable and very, very, very repetitive information I have learned through countless press conferences this year, I have put together a list of advice for our humans as they prepare to get back to their human park...

#1 Wear your muzzle. I do know it's a little uncomfortable, and it rubs against your face fur, but even if you're not vicious, it protects other people from you.

#2 Socially distance. If you can put your paw on the person next to you, then sadly, you're a little too close. Butt sniffing is likely to be a 2024 goal, and a no go throughout this transition.

#3 Check-In. When visiting all these fun places you've been missing, don't forget to scan your microchips. It will help other humans to find you in case they have important news.

#4 Regular paw grooming. Groom your human paws as often as you can to keep germs at bay. Rarely would I praise Tannin, the winery cat, but she seems to be very vigilant when it comes to cleaning her tiny, sharp and dangerous paws. I'd estimate that she spends 95% of her day cleaning those paws and the remaining 5% swiping them at me.

#5 Keep your vaccinations up to date. Check with your excellent smelling veterinarian if you're eligible for a vaccine. The canine community are provaccine. Parvovirus, Kennel Cough – where would we be with out it? Frankly, if you can't take the advice of man's best friend on this – I question your individual position on the evolutionary scale.

#6 Get tested. If you're feeling unwell, even if it's just a little snoot drip, make sure you get tested. Once you're all clear, you can come out and play again, knowing you're keeping your community safe.

How exciting it will be when the day comes that you can invite your furry friends around and show off your chew toy collection before sitting and watching the crumbs under the fridge together. We can't wait to have you visit us at Stanton & Killeen as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Lots of love - Juju