Dear Juliette - Visiting Rutherglen

Dear Juliette, I'm thinking of treating the humans to a weekend getaway in Rutherglen. What do you recommend we see and do?

- Josie the Jack Russell.

Hi Josie. As a born and bred Rutherglenite, I can safely say that Rutherglen is that perfect getaway destination for us dogs. There is much to see and do. Fortunately, most places and activities in Rutherglen are also human friendly, which helps keep those cheeky two-legged companions out of your hair so that you can relax and enjoy all of Rutherglen's offerings. Yes, Josie, you're sure to be in for a treat! Speaking of treats, I love them… a lot! Big ones, chewy ones, cheese flavoured ones mmmm… Oh sorry, where was I?

One of the best things about visiting Rutherglen is the road trip to get here! I love driving in the car, the windows way down, my head out the window, my fur and tongue blowing in the wind - sniff it all in.

On arrival to Rutherglen, you'll see the fire hydrant of all fire hydrants, our giant wine bottle. Humans usually enjoy the view from here, so while they're busy looking dreamily off into the distance, you can get to work sniffing out who's already here and leaving your mark on the guestbook.

Time for a breakfast of champions? You just cannot go past Barker's Pies. Try the dropped pastry flakes from the Original Beef or the big blob of Chicken, Ham and Mustard that fell on your owner's shoes… wow, gourmet, delish!

After breakfast, you're going to want to smell your best for the day ahead. While most places in Rutherglen are pretty relaxed and casual, you always want to put your best paw forward. I like to start my day with a refreshing dip in Lake Moodemere. Apparently, the mud has anti-aging properties, which is probably why people are always complimenting my youthful looks.

After a quick dip, it's time for some doggy cologne. Rutherglen is home to some beautifully perfumed paddocks. Please spend some time browsing the glorious scents on offer before making your selection and rolling it all over your body; my personal favourites are 'sheep manure' by Farmer N°5 and 'decomposing rabbit' by Doggy and Gabbana.

So, you've marked the guestbook, you've filled your belly, you're feeling fresh and smelling delightful, now it's time to hit the wineries. The Rutherglen wineries are adventure-filled places with some of the country's best water bowls. Send your humans inside for some grape juice, and use this time to relax and kick up your paws. 2021 has been a doghouse of a year, and we all know how tiring looking after humans can be.

Wineries are great places to meet new dog friends from all over the country. The wide-open spaces make them ideal places to chase your tail and zoom about with no fear of bumping into or breaking things. Stanton & Killeen even have a dog library (that I built) where you can borrow assorted tennis balls or sticks while enjoying the lawn.

As you can see, Josie, Rutherglen truly is the best dog park in the world. I can't wait for you and your humans to visit this summer!

All the best - JuJu